Friday, April 25, 2008

Sticky Ads of My Life

We come across many ads during our life time, but there are
some ads
which are just pure classics, and for some reason or
the other they just
stick with you....

Here is the collection of one the most "Stickiest" ads of my life -

Cadbury - Dairy milk

I just can not forget this ad. Beautifully crafted commercial.
Successfully connects joy of life with Cadbury. In the process
wonderfully captures soft romance and pure unbound
'expression of joy'. Enjoy -

Hamara Bajaj

This is not really a 'classic' type but a nostalgic one .
Representative of the era of 'licence raj' when people
lined up for this scooter for months. 'Hamara Bajaj'
tune is just there somewhere deep down my memory...

Mile Sur Mera Tuhara

This is not really an ad but a filler prasar bharti used
to air between programs. Those were single channel
days when watching superstars
on a TV was a rarity. I remember watching this 5 minute
filler for 2 second glimpse of Amitabh Bachhan :-)
This was also an effort to install 'understanding' of united
India. Now looking back, I must say it was immensely
successful effort.....

Yeh dil mange more...
I guess Sachin enjoyed this commercial to the core...
Some fantastic music ending with 'aha' by Sachin
which was Pepsi's earlier slogan... a lingering impact
of Pepsi commercials.

Changing gears.... Commercial representative
of India's mobile
revolution -

This is the last one in this series - AR Rehman's Airtel Ad!
This tune is now almost synonymous with Airtel -
call it measure
of success for this commercial.

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