Monday, May 11, 2009

Just for the kicks

Do you like predicting what would be next? Do you like thinking about the future trends? Do you say - "oh I knew it" - after the result? Well... at least I do... And hence, I am sticking my neck out and predicting the result of the Indian General Elections 2009 - (well who cares about my predictions ? ok - read the title of this blog then)

Form of Government - Coalition (no brainer)
Leading Party - Congress
Opposition Party - BJP
What about others? - Sorry no predictions here.

Alternative scenario could be - unstable government with outside support of Congress, and then we will have reelections soon. But otherwise - its UPA/ Congress back in power.

Ok do you like to predict? Go ahead - and write your predictions in comments box.

Finally - I liked these readings here, here and here.


Anonymous said...

I think 3rd front will be in Power.
- Mandar

Ameya said...

I got it! I was right!!

Tanmay Kanitkar said...

Comparatively ya weli kami khichadi hoil.... coz congress got 201 seats.... ani last time peksha tyanna khupach kami seats hawya ahet government form karayla....

Ameya said...

@tanmay - thats just stating the obvious!